Online Profits University

How To

Launch An Online Information Empire That PAYS You Month After Month

And Do It Without Overwhelm

You have no idea what you’d sell yet

You’re scared of the tech

You’ve tried other programs (and not got the results you’d hoped for)

There IS a roadmap that takes YOU from where you are right now, to the online business you’ve been praying for, and it starts HERE

The E-Learning Market is predicted to be $325 billion by 2025 - are you going to grab your slice of this growing industry or hesitate and get locked out forever?

Many people don’t know the opportunity that lies before them with regards to this industry. But facts are facts: this market is enormous and is expanding in a BIG way.

It makes sense when you think about it. People are foregoing traditional methods of learning due to the benefits of e-learning, which includes convenience and cost savings. Organizations are realizing the same and opting for e-learning initiatives instead of live training events.

Are you excited yet? I hope so, because in a market this size there is certainly enough room for you!

Whether you already have know-how that you’d like to package and sell online

Or you simply want to stop ‘trading time for money’ and serve your clients in a different way.

Or perhaps you already have products that you sell online, but you’d like to scale and automate.

“No matter where you are in your journey, there’s no better time to start your online information empire.”

You just cannot afford to wait.

Every day you delay taking action, you are allowing YOUR slice of this market to shrink smaller and smaller, while those who DO act will grab your share too (if you let them!)

Cue ‘EVIL VILLAIN’ music, there’s a baddy in this story and here it comes...

INFORMATION. It’s no longer your friend. It’s your FRENEMY. Distracting you. Showing up like it’s doing you a favour but then stressing you out as you try and stay up to date with all the never ending avalanche of info that assaults you on a daily basis.

 And then leaves you feeling like ‘crap’ because no matter how hard you try, you simply can’t keep up to date because there is more information than you have time.

INFORMATION is no longer the solution.  It's the problem.

'Too. Much. Information'

It might feel like you spend more time THINKING about what to do in your business than you do actually getting on and doing it. 

The TRUTH is – you don’t need any more information – you need DIRECTION – clear step-by-step guidance. Specific and tailored to YOUR situation.

The trouble is, it’s hard to do this for yourself. After all, you don’t know, what you don’t know. 

Tick, tock. You need to get on this NOW

Meanwhile, every day you spend spinning your wheels, or trying to figure out where to focus to grow your business, not only are you not moving forward, you’re actually falling behind. So while others are growing their email list, getting their online offerings up and running, perfecting their websites and seizing their position in the marketplace, you are just getting frustrated and demoralised wondering ‘when is this all gonna come together?’

It won’t EVER come together until you make a decision and take the first step. It’s now or never. It’s time to start taking action and make it happen.

And because your time is finite and precious, you need to make sure that you’re taking the RIGHT ACTION at the RIGHT TIME - and that’s what this page is all about.

WARNING: Don’t try and go it alone (You’ll end up paying the IGNORANCE tax)

There's only 2 ways to do anything...

Via mentors or mistakes.

The fast way or the slow way.

The easier way or the hard way.

‘Going it alone’ might seem like the easier option in the short term, but the truth is, if you try to figure out everything, you’ll pay the Ignorance Tax. That’s a very real tax on your time, money and confidence. You end up making expensive mistakes, paying for stuff you can’t use or aren’t ready for.

Not to mention the emotional cost that comes when you put your heart and soul into something that doesn’t work out as you’d hoped. I know from past experience, it’s tough bouncing back from disappointment.

You, and your business vision, are too important to leave to chance. Don’t try and do it alone, get help.

All that said, it’s time to talk about….

The soul (and wallet) destroying cost of choosing the wrong mentor or program

If you’ve been thinking about starting an online business for a while, you may have noticed, there are a LOT of options out there promising to help you. There are some great programs, and frankly, some awful ones. However, even the best organised and designed program can only serve you if the content is directly relevant to what’s going on in your business right now. Most of these programs focus on ONE piece of the puzzle and assume that you’ve got the rest in place. The trouble is, if you don’t, then you can get stuck and demoralised.


And let’s be honest, it’s not just about protecting your wallet, it’s about protecting your heart. Joining a program that you can’t implement right away is demoralising. You start to doubt yourself. You procrastinate over decisions and sometimes fail to act at all. Before you know it you’re all caught up in a shame spiral and kicking yourself for the money and time you wasted.

And in the meantime, while your online business isn’t getting off the ground, your confidence is nose diving.

Fear not Cinderella, here comes your Fairy Godmother, and I’m bringing my magic wand…

And you SHALL go to the ball my darling, because I don’t just have years of experience running an online business, I’ve got over a decade of experience mentoring others as they started and grew their online empires too. I’ve mentored more than I can count to 6-figures and a few to million dollar enterprises. Which means I already know every pitfall, sticking point or other obstacle that you might face on your journey to Online Profits, and I have a plan to help you navigate through them in style (you can even wear glass slippers if you want to!)

I’ve been featured by Forbes and Inc named me as a thought-leader to follow alongside Seth Godin, Tim Ferriss and Gary Vaynerchuk. 

Gary Vaynerchuk


Tim Ferris

Seth Godin

I’ve built a home-based multi-million dollar online empire while raising two sons as a single mum. (Over $8 million in sales and counting).

I’m the real deal. And the deal I’d like us to get real about right now is YOUR online success.

The truth is, it takes smarts AND heart. And I’ve got both by the bucket load. I’m the mentor you’ve been praying for. I’m not kidding about that, I’ve lost count of the number of clients who have told me that they prayed for the best mentor to help them make their online business dream reality, and the next thing they knew, like a genie from a magic lamp, I showed up in their world. I know it’s no coincidence that our paths have crossed at this moment in time.

Of course, I don’t expect you to take my word for it. Here are just a few of the comments and thanks I get from clients on practically a daily basis.

I’ve got a better ROI with Bernadette than ANY other business mentor. Any money which I have spent has been recouped many, many times already and this is just the start

Pete Bennett

​All I can say is everything Bernadette has just said is SOOOO true....when you find the heart work - when you find the market where there is a need AND where you could make a difference - selling becomes sooo much easier.

Shona Garner

Many thanks to Bernadette Doyle! SO helpful! This was the first time in an online course, where I submitted a question and it was answered specifically to my circumstances! I am so appreciative. It gave me precise direction to move forward.

Many thanks to the OPU support team and of course Bernadette, I really feel like I've made a GREAT investment in this course and I am so excited for the future

Nic Wilson

Hi Bernadette, I love love love you. I love how you are so incredible at stripping away all the online marketing BS that is out there. the system is so simple!!! MIND BLOWN! The videos and the section around the money piece was so important. I love that you have turned the "norm" on its head.

Marina Pearson-Summers

I find you as the entrepreneur who shows the online business secrets in a very clear and ordered way which builds my trust in your offers. There is always something valuable in your teaching to pick up and think about and apply.

Aleksandra Glapinska

A $24,000 pay day! Everyone signed up for my VIP programme – 100% conversion!... Thank you … you have generously shared so much information which has made a huge difference to my business success

Allison Marlow

5 Ways Your Business AND Your Life Are About To Transform (For The Better)

THIS IS YOU - taking bold action, moving forward confidently and getting shit done in your business. Because you’re no longer going round in circles trying to figure out your next step out of the gazillion options out there, you’ve got clear direction and you know exactly what to do.

THIS IS YOU - starting each business day with complete CLARITY, because you know exactly what to do to move your business forward, and you have step-by-step instructions on how to do it.

THIS IS YOU - excited about working on your online business and seeing measurable progress day after day. 

THIS IS YOU - seeing your email list growing every single day, because you’ve got systems in place that attract new subscribers to you on autopilot.

THIS IS YOU - no longer wasting time on stuff that isn’t actually growing your online business, but you still do because someone persuaded you that you ‘should’. 

THIS IS YOU - taking a week or a month off as you feel like it, because you’re no longer trading hours for dollars but have a system in place that generates profits 24/7

THIS IS YOU - feeling grateful that you’re finally reaching and serving a tribe of raving fans, making a difference, and making your family proud

Here's how, with just a flick of my wrist, we whisk you from 'dreaming about' an online business to proud owner of an online business that is making a difference AND money (while you sleep!)

Success comes down to having the right systems, frameworks, templates, ongoing coaching and getting perspective that will provide you a systematic way to create results.

Step by step blueprints that will take years off your learning curve and help you avoid costly mistakes.
But more important than ANY of that, is doing the right things in the right order at the right time. And that’s what the Online Profits University has been designed to do.

So stop wasting your hard earned money trying to do it all yourself, wasting valuable time, energy and resources that you will never get back. Online Profits University has been designed to give you what you need, when you need it.

Here's What You Really Need To Grow The Profitable Online Empire You've Been Dreaming About

Online Profits University is a unique framework to help you start and grow a profitable online business that is a true ASSET, not a job. As soon as you join you get a custom roadmap that meets you exactly at your current starting point, and lays out a success path to your profitable online business in as short a time as possible with step by step proven methods taught by yours truly. (I’ve personally generated over $8,000,000 in online sales using these strategies).

Take note, it’s a UNIVERSITY, not a bootcamp that dumps a ton of information onto you and then leaves you hanging. University educations usually take 3-4 years to complete, and this is no different. (Frankly I’m irritated by ‘gurus’ who claim you can create an online business in 8 weeks. That’s utter bull! It might be long enough to get you started, but it can’t possibly come close to providing everything you need to grow a profitable business that’s going to generate you passive revenue for years to come). But don’t think that means you’re going to have to wait years to see results. The beauty of our Milestone Method is that you get results as you go. (And that’s the secret sauce keeping you motivated and engaged on your online business journey)


When you join, you’ll get immediate access to the online program which begins with an short assessment that generates a custom roadmap for you. That means you get exactly the training content you need, when you need it.

The program will then guide you to the specific business milestones necessary for growing your online business. You get detailed business trainings including videos, scripts, swipe files, templates and checklists. The focus is on IMPLEMENTATION, so you are guided to take action every step of the way.

This is 100% beginner friendly. This program is designed to work for a total novice without any prior experience. If you already have some online experience, this will help you identify the gaps and missing pieces and you will get a roadmap that takes your existing experience and offerings into account.

Online Profits University gives you everything you need to grow a profitable online business and create systems that generate leads and convert those leads into profits. We have had clients who have started from zero and grown multi-million dollar empires with this training.

OPU is beautifully presented in easy-to-digest chunks and it feels as though my personal needs are being addressed. Bernadette has recognised that structure is vital, and building one depends on staying clear about what must be done and what a distraction is.

Bernadette deserves medal for rolling up her sleeves and applying first class training principles to her knowledge. I look forward to each lesson.

Debs de Vries

In Summary:

  • We start with an online questionnaire to clarify YOUR stage of business and establish the priorities for you
  • You get a custom plan, tailored to YOU
  • We are ‘milestone’ focused, you work through the material at your own pace, working on one milestone at a time
  • bank
    The training is all pre-recorded so you can watch on YOUR schedule, from wherever you are in the world
  • bank
    You’re part of a community who will support you, encourage you and celebrate your progress with you
  • bank
    There are 5 distinct stages of an online business and as you ‘graduate’ from each stage you’ll have specific guidance and direction to help you move to the next stage.



BONUS  You’ll also receive 3 months access to ‘Insiders’ -includes monthly Q&A with Bernadette

PLUS access to the ‘Answer Vault’ a collection of questions asked by other members in a searchable database so you’ll always have answers to your specific questions at your fingertips.


Imagine waking up in the morning and checking your phone to see that overnight payments and sales have come in from all over the world. While you were sleeping people were visiting your website, joining your email list and it all happened without you lifting a finger.

Imagine that delicious feeling of pride and satisfaction, knowing that you’re reaching and serving clients all over the world, while you have the time freedom and flexibility to work from wherever.

Imagine the feeling of peace, because you have more than a way to make money, you have a proper online business ASSET that makes money for you.

So What's The Investment?

The ONLY place that you not only get a custom roadmap for YOUR online profits journey, you get detailed, step-by-step training on how to implement every business milestone on your plan.

EVERYTHING you need is here. Proven income growth formulas that you can learn, model and even “swipe” – and effortlessly plug into your business to increase your profits, your time and location freedom ability. From building a tribe of raving fans and paying customers, managing your time, creating webinars that’s ALL here. But it’s not dumped on you in some random fashion so you have to make sense of where to start. It’s delivered to you in bite-sized, digestible chunks and clear implementation steps all the way.

It would take you tens of thousands of dollars if you were to purchase all of the separate trainings that are inside of Online Profits University, and even then you’d still have to try and figure out where to start and what order to execute.

It’s the combination of your custom roadmap and then access to all of the detailed training and instructions that makes the magic here.

The investment in Online Profits University is $2997.

Frequently Asked Questions...

What if I don't even have a business idea yet?

When does the Online Profits University start?

But I’m not sure what I have to offer that people would actually pay for!

I’m really time poor! What kind of time commitment is required?

When can I expect to make money?

Can I Go through the course on my own schedule? What if I fall behind?

I’m in a service business and I do my best work 1:1. I can’t see how to turn this into an online product.

Is this course right if I want to create a physical product? Or sell my services? I have a bricks and mortar business, will this program work for me?

If I’m stuck on something, what do I do?

What does lifetime mean? - can this be taken offline at a future date?

What problems may prevent me from creating an online product? What have other clients encountered that has caused them not to create the online business they wanted?

I’ve done other programs in the past and not got the results I wanted. How will this be different?

Who is the Online Profits University for?

What makes the Online Profits University different from other online business building programs?

How do I know if anyone will actually buy my product?

I need to make money FAST.  Will this help?

How many hours per week will I need to put in?

I’m not good with technology.

I’m too busy ‘making a living’ to have time to devote to building an online business

My niche is spiritual and I’m not sure how to turn my expertise into something that will sell online

How much 1:1 help will I get?

Now isn’t a good time for me. Can I join later?

What other financial commitment will I need to commit to in terms of tools or programs to create my online business?

I would like further details on each module so I can see exactly what I will be getting.

It can work for you too....

Why is OPU great? Well, first there's the well structured access to Bernadette's expertise & experiences that helps us develop and target the various aspects of our business and offerings.

Then there's the forum and chance to connect with others on the journey, to offer and receive words of encouragement, additional ideas and help. 

...with just a few steps in to the OPU program, I've already got my money's worth in my mind, from an emotional standpoint. 

Martin Schmalenbach

Absolutely loving this course and would love to thank Bernadette and her awesome team for putting this all together. I am in awe with every milestone and she did not hold back on ANY info or worksheet that she provided. Well Done and thank you Thank you Thank you!!!

Alida Lambooy

Aside from Bernadette being a wealth of knowledge and delivering great content in a very digestible format, what I love most about OPU is that I can follow along at my own pace and work around family schedule. Thank you Bernadette! Love it!

Maria Cabalu

For someone who has read a lot, studied a lot, and taken many courses, I am learning some really valuable things that are vital to my business in OPU. Thank you Bernadette Doyle!!!

Janina Fisher

OPU is methodical, clear and practical. We work through steps one by one, in the order that needs to be followed to produce results - literally step by step. As we work through the process we find that the business is growing in the direction Bernadette tells us it will.

It's amazing and I'm really grateful that I'm growing and building my business in the supportive, contributory community that is Online Profits University.

Thank you Bernadette

Suzanne Pool

OPU has helped me reframe my mindset practically not just analytically.  I have found trying to do this alone delays your dream.  

My advice to others:  Take advantage of an accomplished entrepreneur system that walks you through the process step by step. The right mentor sharing their knowledge means you do not have to go through the same mistakes or hardships. Sign up

Graham Connolly

6 Reasons Why Online Profits University is hands down unlike anything you have EVER seen or tried

Other programs

Online Profits University

‘One size fits all’ - all students start in the same place no matter what

You get a CUSTOM roadmap and training place designed for you

Focuses on ONE piece of the puzzle eg launches, webinars or sales conversations - but leaves you high and dry as for the rest.

Gives you detailed training on EVERY piece of the puzzle you need AND connects the dots for you so they come together in a way that makes sense AND money

Dumps a ton of content on you that leaves you feeling overwhelmed and then guilty as the content piles up faster than you have time to consume. Information overload, aaaaaaaggggh!

We focus on IMPLEMENTATION above INFORMATION. Your custom roadmap gets you clear on what the next milestone is for your online business and gets you focused on that. So you can’t jump around from one idea to the other and never make any progress

Includes irrelevant bonuses to bump up the perceived value, but that just leave you feeling overwhelmed and guilty

We respect your time and brain space. We give you what you need WHEN you need it.

Content is delivered weekly or all at once, so you end up either feeling bad that you’re falling behind, or frustrated, because the program isn’t moving fast enough for you.

You move at your own pace. As you complete a milestone ie make something happen in your business, not just watch a video, the next milestone opens up to you. = constant forward progress, possibly for the first time EVER in your online business.

Monthly membership gives you one specific tactic with pretty cheat sheets, but without clear guidance on when to execute this tactic

We’ve got all the tactics, but we serve them up in a way that makes them truly valuable. Because instead of bombarding you with tactics to serve our objectives, we make sure you get the relevant tactic at the precise moment you need it.

The facts are clear. If you’re serious about growing your online business without wasting time or getting demoralised or frustrated, there can be only one choice:

  • Your custom roadmap for growing YOUR online empire that meets you EXACTLY where you are, takes you by the hand and guides you through every milestone you need for success
  • Lifetime access to Online Profits University including detailed training for every business milestone you need to complete - videos, cheat sheets and templates
  • Lifetime access to the members-only Facebook group
  • BONUS (when you join before midnight 10 May) 12 months access to ‘Insiders’ includes monthly Q&A with Bernadette PLUS access to the ‘Answer Vault’ a collection of questions asked by other members in a searchable database so you’ll always have answers to your specific questions at your fingertips.

STOP RIGHT NOW - the decision you make in the next few moments is truly life-altering for you.

Is this the moment when you stop hoping for online success, keep on doing the same old thing while wishing for a different result, stuck on the same old roller coaster of getting your hopes up only to have them disappointed?

Or are you going to take matters firmly into your own hands and CLAIM the online success you deserve?

It’s time to accept that you don’t need another ‘silver bullet’. You need a PLAN, a step-by-step roadmap that meets you where you are and leads you to the online profits that are certainly yours for the taking - when you start taking action on the right plan.

Decide right now, are you gonna stay as a ‘wannabe’, your attention being pulled like a puppet at the whims of the gurus and marketers who will carry on selling you silver bullets by the bucket load as long as you’ll let them?

Or are you finally gonna take a stand, and accept that growing a successful business that’s going to generate you passive revenue for years to come isn’t something you create overnight with a magic pill, but a long term process that is worthy of your consistent attention and action. And that’s why it’s time to partner with a mentor who has already mapped out YOUR  journey and will be in it with you for the long term (unlike the other mentors who disappear after the ‘bootcamp’ is over). Take a deep breath, put on your big-girl (or big boy) panties and get started.

Make no mistake, if you leave this page without clicking the button below, you are making yourself a sitting duck for the predators who are ready to profit from your ongoing confusion and overwhelm, caught on the treadmill of handing over money for the latest silver bullet they want to distract you with.

Or you can choose, right now, to be part of the Online Profits University, where not just your success, but your confidence is our primary concern. We will protect your wallet AND your heart. Everything you need is already here, now the only thing that is missing is YOU. So, join us now while the ‘Insiders’ bonus is still available:

P.S  - Yep, it’s an investment, and I can guarantee that you’re going to waste a lot more than the cost of Online Profits University in expensive mistakes, time wasted and trial and error. Joining OPU to avoid all that is the smart decision.

P.P.S -  On the subject of guarantees, you get a full 60 days to try out the Online Profits University. If it doesn’t do everything I say and more with bells on, then you get a refund. That simple