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Who Else Wants To Take Advantage Of This Secret Special Offer That Will Only Be Made Available To A Select Few People Before It’s Gone Forever?

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First of all, congratulations on downloading the course notes for ‘ The FB 5 Lives - Price for Profit ‘. Simply by taking action today, you've taken an important step and made clear your intention to find your product pricing sweetspot. The course notes are winging their way to you by email, but just before you go, I have a very special offer to make to you. You won't see this offer advertised on my website. I'm only making this available to a select group of people before it's gone forever.

So here's the special offer I have for you

If you want my personal help finding YOUR pricing sweet spot, then here’s how you get it. Over the next few weeks I’m leading a brand new LIVE program ‘Pricing For Profit’. Because you've downloaded the course notes for my Facebook 5 lives this week, I'm inviting you to join me and get a 60% discount. That means instead of the final sales price of $497, you can be part of this for just 1 single payment of $197.

“But HOLD ON Bernadette, you’re teaching me about Pricing for Profit and then you go and offer me a huge discount – what’s up with that?”

Great question!

Here’s why I’m making this special one-time, never-to-be-repeated offer…


Back in 2006 I wrote an ebook “How To Charge What You’re Worth and Get The Fees You Deserve”. This book helped hundreds of people increase their prices and start earning the kind of dollars they deserve. Over the past 11 years I’ve learnt so much more about this topic; I have so much more updated know-how to share and I want people to benefit from that.


The easiest way to create a new product is to get paid to create it. In fact, this is a strategy I teach in the Online Profits University. I like to “walk my talk”, so I’m setting the example for you by creating and offering a product this way. Teaching LIVE is my favourite way to create products and it adds a lot of value for the people who join me live as we can interact and you get to ask questions that you couldn’t on a recorded program. Essentially you’re helping me to create a new product, so that’s one of the reasons why I’m offering a big discount to the people who join me live.


Because I can. I’ve run my business in way that gives me the freedom and flexibility to make offerings when I want to. I see there is a need for people to know this, so I’m sharing it because I can.

So I’m creating a new program called ‘The Pricing for Profit Bootcamp’. This bootcamp will help you not only set and present your price, but more importantly, you’ll get a deep inner knowing that your price is the right price for you to be charging for the marketplace right now.

Your Pricing Sweet-Spot is a place where you know your true value (I mean really know the full depth of your value) and of what you’re offering; it’s a place where price objections are a thing of the past, where you believe so much in what you’re offering you won’t hesitate to name your price. When you’ve found your pricing sweet-spot, you’ve found the perfect price that works for the market AND works for you.

Be Prepared For The Ultimate Transformation

FROM doubting yourself, asking “do people think I’m greedy?” and fearing the dreaded question “so what does it cost?”

TO … That deep inner knowing - “I have value”. When you know, from deep down, “in the muscle” that it’s more than what you say when you name your price; it’s about knowing your true value and transmitting that out to others, so that you attract the right clients who are happy to pay the price you ask.

In this course (delivered live) I will show you how to name your price with confidence, without the fear and anxiety that rises up from thoughts of unworthiness, or worrying if a client can afford it. You’ll have peace when you name your price out loud.

Here's a sampling of what you’ll learn:

Knowing Your True Costs (most people totally underestimate this)
  • The Value Equation: What It Means and Why Attempting To Do Business Without This Is A Mistake
  • Why Undercharging Hurts Your BusinessHow To Calculate The Minimum You Should Be Charging
  • How To Calculate Your True Costs Of Being In Business
  • How Big Should Your Profit Margin Be?
  • How Much You Need To Charge Based On Your Business Goals
Your True Value
  • Why The First Person You Need To Convince About Your Higher Price Is You - And How To Do It
  • How To Recognise The True Value You Provide
  • How to Translate the Tangible Value of Your Offering to Your Customer into Monetary Terms
  • How To Attract Clients Who Are Willing And Able To Pay Your Higher Prices
  • How To Draw The Line Between Offering A 'Free Sample' And Giving Away The Store
  • How To Reveal Your Price With Confidence
  • Learn that Feeling of Deep Inner Knowing – That You’ve Got Value and Deserve the Price You Name
Name Your Price And Get It
  • 5 Things You Must Know In Order To Charge - And Get - Premium Prices
  • 3 Easy Ways To Show Clients Why You're Worth Paying More For!
  • Discover Your Pricing “Sweet-spot” - The Perfect Price For Maximum Profit
  • Why Price Is One Of The Last Factors Influencing A Customer's Decision To Buy
  • 5 Questions To Test Whether Your Prices Are High Enough
  • What To Do If There Are Others In Your Field Who Are Charging A Lot Less
  • How To Educate Your Clients So That They Are Willing To Pay Your Higher Price
  • How To Present Your Prices So That People Want To Pay More
  • How To Ensure That You Don't Cave In To Pressure To Lower Your Prices - Even When You're Really, Really Tempted!
  • How To Increase Prices Without Alienating Existing Customers ... And How You Can Even Generate Extra Business As You Do!
Handling Price Objections & Discount Requests
  • The Difference Between Price Reactions, Price Resistance, And Price Objections And Why You Have To Handle Each Differently
  • The One Piece Of Paper That Stops Price Objections – Permanently
  • What To Say To The Client Who Says, 'I Can't Really Afford That'
  • What To Say When A Buyer Wants To Squeeze You On Price
  • How And When To Use Late Fees, Cancellation Fees And Rush Charges
  • How To Handle Prospects Who Want 'Something For Nothing'
  • What To Do If You Are Being Plagued By 'Discount Buyers'
  • Why You Need A Discount Policy
...And Much More!

The course will be delivered by me, LIVE online. This is a rare opportunity to work with me personally, in an intimate setting. With each module you will have opportunity for discussion and have your questions answered. I plan for the lessons to be interactive, with me personally helping you through the process.

Here’s what’s included …

4 x 90 minute training calls delivered by me LIVE online

(Call recordings will be available for download after each call)

Note: The first call will be held on - Wednesday 15th March, 2017 8pm UK time

Call 2: Tuesday 21st, March, 2017 8pm UK time

Call 3: Tuesday 28th, March, 2017 8pm UK time

Call 4: Tuesday 4th April, 2017 8pm UK time

Live Q&A Sessions

At the end of each training module you will have opportunity for discussion questions answered personally by me

The “Pricing for Profit” Toolkit

including a collection of comprehensive worksheets, exercises, checklists and resources

SPECIAL BONUS - 30 Day Complimentary Access to the Online Profits University. VALUED at $197


Online Business Training:

instant access to online survey along with my new “milestone method” online business training curriculum - includes videos, courses, exercises, templates and checklists to help you grow your online business.

Here is just a small sampling of course topics covered in the Online Profits University include:

  • Aligning your Gifts and Unique Value to those in the World Who Need it most
  • How To Grow Your List with Free Content
  • Establishing Your Online Presence
  • How To Get Traffic To Your Website
  • Lead Magnet Creation Workshop
  • How To Run A Special Sale Or Promotion
  • Quick Cash Leverage Points

Online Support Community:

Join our private online Facebook community where our “Online Profits University” members are ready to support, cheerlead and encourage you. Some of our members say that this community alone is worth the entire membership fee.

Monthly Live Calls:

Every month active members are invited to join a group question and answer call where you can ask Bernadette and any of her special guests your specific online business questions.

*I understand that after my free 30 day membership, my credit card will be charged the lowest member monthly rate of $197 per month unless I decide to cancel.

Special Pre-Launch Offer Never to Be Repeated

It is my intention, at the end of the LIVE course to turn the content into a brand new product that will sell online, stand-alone for $497. But what I’m doing here is offering you the chance to have a seat on the LIVE bootcamp at a one-time-opportunity of $197

Get the Pricing for Profits Bootcamp 4 week intensive

  • 4 x 90 minute training calls delivered by me LIVE online
  • Live Q & A Sessions
  • The "Pricing for Profits" Complete Toolkit

$ 497

$ 197

1 month's access to Online Profits University  

  • Access to all of the Online Business Training
  • Access to the amazing Online OPU Community
  • Special Monthly Live Q & A Sessions


$ 197


Price When It Goes On Sale $497... you pay just *$197

Click here to reserve your seat now

How Much Is All This Information Worth to You?

What would just a 10% increase on last year's revenue mean to you? $1000, $2000, $3000, $5000, $10,000 or more?If you raise your fees by just 10% as a result of this programme, then that's what this programme is worth to you. But with the confidence, skills and knowledge you get from this, you may decide to increase your fees by 25%, 50% or even double your fees!

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

"Gary made hundreds of pounds the very next day!"

'Bernadette, I really enjoyed your talk & found it far too relevant to my business approach.. Unfortunately I could see myself in virtually all of your scenarios: loss leaders, discounting, under pricing, working with the wrong people etc, etc. So I went to a meeting yesterday armed with a 'Client Magnet' approach & a quote that hadn't been lowered by my need for cash!

It worked, I got the job & didn't budge on the price. My attitude was that he should want to work with me & be willing to pay the price & likewise me with him. He obviously hadn't expected to pay as much as my quote, but never the less he wanted to go with me & had made his mind up. Thanks to you, I probably made several hundred more than I would have done!'

Gary Batchelor, INet100 Ltd
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

"I tripled my price and quadrupled the value and got my first VIP client"

I decided to put together a package that felt far more congruent with what I wanted to offer my clients- implemented what Bernadette said and decided to offer a smaller number of people a really fantastic 1:1 program. I have been procrastinating about this since January and wasn't sure why, but suddenly realised my price point didn't feel right.

So I put together a package priced at £15,000, quadrupled the value of the £5000 programme, and sent out invitations to a strategy session to just a few of my favorite clients. And on the fourth one- the client said yes!!! I can't even begin to tell you how great it feels to be able to start working in a really intensive way with a client I know I can do my absolute best with - knowing she's going to get multiples in return on her investment. Can't wait for my first session!!!

Nicola Bird
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

"My First Big Ticket Sell"

I'm still reeling with excitement, since yesterday, after converting a prospect on to my £3k 3 month group coaching programme!!

Susanne Jorgensen
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

"My income rose over 260%"

I am a huge fan of the Client Magnets approach and have been following Bernadette for several years. After implementing the Client Magnet tips my income rose by over 260%.

My therapy business is now my sole income – something many therapists believe is impossible to achieve!

And since having my son, I have been able to go back to work on part time hours but earning the same full time wage (by having passive income from my ebook, and also setting my prices are the right level and having a clear discount structure and not offering adhoc discounts which I used to do far too much and it undervalued my work)

Sarah Holland
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

"Turned my business around from £20k a year to over £100,000"

My standard wedding planning packages started at £3000 and I introduced a super deluxe package for £9000, yes, three times my usual rate! It was scarey stuff and I was convinced no one would go for the package but when I introduced it in the June I sold 2 of these packages within the first months! Just 2 sales brought me the revenue the work of my usual 6 sales!!!!

The biggest benefit is that it made the whole thing of getting new clients much easier - it was no longer an arduous task of chasing customers, it became an automated system that got me clients with no effort at all. The changes I implemented turned my business around from 20k a year to over £100k and also enabled me to sell that business last year (for a nice sum I can't disclose! lol) to spend more time at home working ever more effortlessly

Claire Dobinson
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

"I Quadrupled My Business in 6 months.."

I quadrupled my business in 6 months and I’m well on track to 5x it, if not more so. Two years ago I was nearly bankrupt and now I’m looking at a million dollar business. I feel a lot freer, I feel like I’ve found that happiness I’ve always been looking for.

Rebecca Mountain
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

"I Quadrupled My Business.."

I quadrupled my business since working with Bernadette, and my lifestyle has changed a lot because I have LESS clients but make WAY more money now. The best business decision I ever made.

Argentina Leyva

In terms of what this programme can do for your business, it easily has a value that runs into hundreds of dollars. The finished product will go on sale for $497.00, but I’m giving you this one-time-offer to access this content, as I create it live for a once-ever price of $197!

So it's crunch time, do you want to lock in your spot and save $300 on this one time offer?


Are you going to pass and just download the course notes?

Order now, and you’ll guarantee your place in the live creation of “Pricing for Profit”.

Click here to reserve your seat now

Join Risk Free with My 10x Guarantee

I run my business by the mantra…“I am wealthy because I enrich others 10 to 100 times the value of what they pay me.”

I am so confident in what this course delivers, that I am going to offer you my 10x guarantee.

Show up and fully participate in all the calls, do the assigned homework and I guarantee that you’ll see at least 10x return on investment on this course … either in new business or increased fees as a result of going through this process. That’s my guarantee.

A Final Message From Me....

This is a quote that I heard recently (it really resonated) … “Show me, teach me how I can most optimally serve others. Show me, teach me how I can most optimally be served”.

That’s what this course is all about for me. It’s helping you to discover and acknowledge your true value - so you can ultimately serve others in a way that equally serves you. You do deserve to name your price with a deep inner knowing and confidence and I’m so looking forward to teaching you exactly how to do that! Price objections will be a thing of the past when YOU start valuing what you're offering, so I sincerely hope you’ll join me and jump onboard ‘Pricing for Profits’ today.

Don't Get Left Behind: Get The Pricing for Profits Bootcamp Today!

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