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A personal invitation from Bernadette Doyle...


- Me, casually posing with Sir Richard Branson on Necker Island :)

“Do You Qualify To Join This TINY, Hand-Selected, High Calibre Group of Entrepreneurs… Whose Mission is to Grow Each Other’s Businesses (& Each Other)To Higher Levels as Part of a Private Invite-Only Mastermind?”

RE: The coming together of a few great minds

Last year I got the inspiration to do something I’d never done before. I wanted to create a TRUE mastermind experience for people already at 6 or 7 figures in their business. My vision was to bring together a group of successful business owners to mastermind with each other as we grow ourselves and our businesses. This isn’t a coaching program, there’s no training being delivered, it’s a real mastermind.

You probably already know that the concept of the "mastermind alliance" was introduced by Napoleon Hill in his timeless classic Think And Grow Rich. This book was the result of 16 years’ research of successful people and he identified a number of constant factors. One of those factors was being part of a mastermind group.

I was inspired to create this because there are a number of people who have worked with me in the past whom I love and want to stay connected to as they continue to grow themselves and their businesses. Over the past few years, clients have asked for some type of ‘alumni’ program for people who have graduated from my coaching programs and now need something different. It’s time to create a new structure for us to add value to one another – and this is it.

My initial group was filled by personal invitation. Every single person member of our group is someone who I consider to be a ‘multiplier’, someone who contributes and adds value to the room just through their presence (and also has the ability to contribute brilliant and remarkable insights and experience).

In the short time that we’ve been meeting, members of our group have:

  • Launched new businesses and stepped away from old time consuming business models
  • Created cash-flowing assets outside of their businesses to secure financial freedom
  • Launched new online programs
  • Let go of old habits, clients, and ways of doing business that no longer serve us
  • Travelled to Necker Island to mastermind with Sir Richard Branson and other high level entrepreneurs
  • And so much more…

Here I am masterminding with Sir Richard Branson and fellow mastermind member Nicky Coffin. We even persuaded Richard to try out 'Big Girl Panties'!

Up until now, I haven’t advertised or opened up the group to new members, but now it’s time. So I’m opening up just 3 spots inside of our group.

We’re looking for courageous action takers, who have not only made big bold moves in your own business and life, but loves to add value and enhance others by sharing what you have learned along the way.

Imagine what’s going to be possible when we sit round a table together with one single focus: to help each other grow. I get tingles when I think about the impact this group can have on each other – and the world.

And I’m excited for all of us, because as I look back over my own journey, I can see the big breakthroughs have come from the masterminds I’ve been part of. I have been part of mastermind groups since 2007. They have profoundly shaped my life and my business, and have enabled me to contribute to others in a powerful way too.

A TRUE Mastermind with one goal – to grow each member’s business to new levels
(but with ONE important criteria)

So my vision for THIS Mastermind group is to bring together successful, forward-thinking entrepreneurs and artists with one goal... that we all grow to new heights together. That means we’ll be focusing not just on business growth, but also HOW that growth is achieved. You won’t score any points in this club for running yourself or your team into the ground to achieve business wins. No crazy adrenaline-fueled launches here. We are so beyond that.

And let me be clear that this is a TRUE Mastermind experience. It’s not a training or coaching program.

Together, we’ll create an elite group of supportive colleagues who brainstorm together and support each other to new heights in business and in life.

The group requires commitment, confidentiality, willingness to both give and receive advice and ideas… and support each other with total honesty, respect and compassion.

We will challenge each other to set powerful goals, and more importantly,accomplish them. The Mastermind will give you feedback, help you brainstorm new possibilities and set up accountability structures that keep you focused and on track.

You'll gain tremendous insights which improve your business and personal life. This is like having an objective board of directors, a success team, and a peer advisory group all rolled into one. Plus, you'll also get my personal, new discoveries I'll be sharing ONLY with the group and nowhere else!

How You & Your Business Will Grow As A Member of this Mastermind

2-day meetings every quarter  (in Belfast, Northern Ireland)

The whole group meets for 2 days every quarter. 90 days is long enough to make significant progress between meetings, but also a short enough time frame to keep you focused.

The meetings are designed to maximise the sharing of wisdom and experience in the room and also so that members can get personal attention and the brainstorming, problem-solving and accountability power of the group.

At least 15 powerful, usable new strategies at every meeting

I’ve structured this so that members don’t just bring their challenges to the table, but also have the opportunity to showcase and share cool strategies and breakthroughs from their past 90 days. This means we are sharing and learning from successes, not just solving problems.

Sharing successes in this way can lead to big payoffs for every member. There is one tip I picked up from Ryan Deiss at a mastermind meeting in 2009 (he was one of the members of the group, not the leader) that has generated over $1 million in my business since then and STILL brings in at least $50,000 per year. (Thanks Ryan!)

At the meeting EVERYONE comes ready to share and present their success strategies, concepts and business building ideas so others can model them for their own business. Each meeting you will have to bring some new development, breakthrough or strategy that you will present to the group.

Taking action on just 1 or 2 of these strategies between meetings will lead to exponential growth for you.

Hot seats in action

Then in the true spirit of masterminding you will present your biggest obstacles, problems and opportunities to the group. Together (and I do mean all of us) we will brain-storm and come up with the best ideas for you. The hot-seat sessions are designed and structured so that you get quality feedback from the whole group on your biggest challenge or issue, and all those ideas are funneled into an action plan that you report back on at the next meeting.

It's not group coaching. Mastermind groups are about the MEMBERS sharing with each other, not about the facilitator coaching individuals in a group setting (as you may have seen me do in the past). This is definitely NOT ‘the Bernadette show’. You get everyone's feedback, advice and support. The conversation will be balanced between all members.

You will have the opportunity to make your own recording of your hotseat on the understanding that it is for your personal use and will not get shared with a third party. Plus, each member will agree to a confidentiality pledge not to reveal or teach what gets presented in these closed-door sessions.

Who else is at the table?

The most important question to ask about any mastermind is ‘who else is in the group?'

Well right now, because I am issuing this invitation for the very first time, I can’t tell you who the final members will be, but what I CAN tell you is that a variety of different businesses, industries and even stages of business will be represented.

My vision is to bring together a mix of different industries, not just online marketing or coaching. The downside to masterminding only with people in the same industry as you is that the conversation can get insular. There are inevitably prevailing ‘industry beliefs’ that don’t get challenged and as a result you can just end up going round in circles. You just end up reinforcing each other’s limiting beliefs.

So the carefully chosen shortlist of business owners I have invited to fill the available spots include successful property developers and investors, software company owners, business owners from industries such as recruitment, financial services and hospitality, personal development, health & fitness, traders and investors, online marketing experts, best selling authors, film makers and TV stars. I happily and enthusiastically endorse every single person I have already accepted to be part of this.

I am very aware that one of the biggest factors affecting the value of this group is the calibre of the people in it, and as such, every single member of the final group will come with a big personal endorsement from me. To be accepted you must demonstrate that you’re someone who will add a lot of value and also stands to receive that back multiple times over. So please trust me when I say that every member is someone I can personally vouch for as they have had personal dealings with me either as a star client or as a fellow mastermind buddy.

Now, that doesn’t mean that everyone is going to love each other. There may be some ‘forming and storming’ where you get your feathers ruffled. That’s normal in a group. The bottom line is, when you look around the room at our first meeting, you’re going to be very happy with the calibre of the members sitting alongside you. Remember, this isn’t something that outsiders will be able to buy their way into. This isn’t about ‘filling a program’ for me, it’s about assembling the most powerful group of people who can help each other grow together.

Action plan and accountability

At the end of each meeting you will have an action plan and objectives you need to meet before the next meeting – which the group will hold you to account for. You’ll also have the opportunity to select an accountability partner from the group so you can hold each other’s feet to the fire between meetings.

So it’s not just the inspiration and practical help you get at meetings that’s where the real value is. Between meetings you will experience incredible motivation and focus, because, trust me, you will NOT want to show up to the next meeting making excuses or being the one saying ‘the dog ate my homework’. NOBODY wants to be that guy...

And time for high quality networking and fun too

But it won’t all be ‘work, work, work’. We’ll also build in time for relaxation and high quality networking. We’ll have a group dinner (I’m buying) on the evening of the first day, and I’ll make sure to build in some cool experiences for extra networking and fun.

And I haven’t even mentioned the potential joint ventures that are created from these close relationships. I can name countless big-time deals that have resulted from attending masterminds in the past… where the members never would have met each other had they not been “brought together” in the same place at the same time.

At this point I’m sure you can see the power and value in this opportunity, but just in case you have any questions about how this will help you and your business grow, then here are 10 ways this Mastermind will help you...

1. Thinking bigger - play a bigger game

You will naturally raise your game as you spend more time in the company of like-minded entrepreneurs. I’m sure you’re familiar with Jim Rohn’s quote that we’re the average of the 5 people we spend most time with. Your ‘average’ is about to get a major upgrade as a member of this group. You will find yourself thinking WAAAAAY bigger. You can’t help but think bigger and stretch beyond your boundaries when surrounded by amazing people doing amazing things.

And what you’ll learn from the other members of this group is not just what they know and do, but who they are being. Inside mutual giving and receiving we all become more of who we are.

2. The power of peer accountability

Right now, who do YOU report to? Who appraises YOUR performance? You’re the boss! And that means that some of your bright ideas never get to see the light of day, or projects come grinding to a halt, opportunities get missed BECAUSE YOU’RE ABLE TO GET AWAY WITH IT. You don’t always get the feedback you need because....YOU’RE THE BOSS! Let’s face it, who could fire you?

The way to stop ‘getting away with it’ is to submit to a regular honest scrutiny of your results – what better way to do this than in the company of experienced business people who can guide you to BETTER results?

As a member of this Mastermind you have the opportunity to report on YOUR performance as CEO of your business every single quarter. Inside of this group you have peers who actually care about your performance, are willing to support you when you’re facing challenges and want to celebrate with you when achieving success.

Let me tell you a secret. Most business owners DON'T want to do this. It is so much easier to be distracted by the next bright shiny object than it is to look in the mirror and scrutinise your own performance and the performance of your business overall. There can always be a good reason to do it 'later'.

For the right person, this ‘peer accountability’ is priceless. First, simply stating your goals and objectives to a group that intends to hold you accountable for your stated result can have the kind of pull that keeps you focused on meeting your goals.Second, you’ll have a fire under you between meetings because you’ll want to bring back something powerful to share with your mastermind partners at the next meeting.

3. Leverage

Masterminding is the most leveraged way of improving your skills, knowledge and attitude. This is a group where you can get answers to your questions and solve problems quickly without having to sit in front of your computer trying to figure something out. You invest two days of YOUR time every quarter and get access to 6+ brilliant business hearts and minds.

This is the most time efficient way to stay on the cutting edge of new information, strategies and tactics. You’ll walk away from each meeting with more profit-boosting business growth ideas than you could from reading a thousand books. And it’s not just ideas – you’ll get connected to other resources like software, books, or the phone number of the perfect person to solve a pressing business problem or capitalise on an opportunity.

Look at the payoff. You contribute one breakthrough strategy at each meeting, you get back several more. Present your challenge to the group and you get 6+ hearts and minds focused on YOUR situation. You’ll be harnessing the power of superior brain and heart power to find solutions to your biggest challenges.

4. Being challenged by your peers

As the leader in your business or even industry, it’s easy to get complacent. This Mastermind puts you in regular contact with people who will challenge you toconsistently raise your game and bring yourself and your business to all that you can be. It’s GOOD to get your feathers ruffled every now and again and be challenged to think bigger.

5. You’re never alone when you’re in a Mastermind

The life of an entrepreneur can be lonely. This is a safe place to share your dreams, aspirations and challenges with people who ‘get’ you. Let’s face it, we entrepreneurs are a unique breed. Where else can you go where people are EXCITED about your success and don’t get envious or call it bragging?

Sometimes business is difficult and the challenges can seem overwhelming.Perhaps you have a difficult employee or a legal problem – chances are your Mastermind colleagues have experienced the same issue. Getting access to someone who has faced that same issue, solved it and can now point you in the right direction is PRICELESS. You will never be short of alternative suggestions on how to overcome issues. Once you are involved in a Mastermind, that feeling of “being alone” while running your business is gone. Plus, aside from all the business help, you’ll form deep and lasting connections with some incredible people.

6. Completely new perspectives

One of the big benefits of being in a group like this is getting fresh perspectives on your business. There will almost certainly be one person in the group who knows NOTHING about your type of business and therefore can see possibilities that you haven’t even considered. Or asks a question that causes you to look at the situation completely differently. This can lead to big breakthroughs that you simply can’t get from inside of your industry.

7. Getting time to work ‘on’ your business scheduled, so that it actually happens

We all know how important it is to work ON the business instead of just IN it. But it’s easy to let other distractions and commitments get in the way. Being part of this group is a way to ensure that you take two full days every quarter to step back from your business, get inspired and energised, and there’s no chance that other commitments will crowd that out.

8. Your net worth is your network

In business, you know how important your network is. Joining this Mastermind expands your network exponentially and rapidly. That’s because you don’t just get access to the other members, you gain access to THEIR networks too. Are you just one introduction away from a business breakthrough? What one introduction could be a game changer for you when doors that were previously shut to you swing open?

9. The highest quality ‘sounding board’ for faster and better business decisions

If you’re not sure what to do next, what direction to go in, the collective power of the Mastermind will kick in and get you back on track! You’ll make decisions faster and better because being in this group brings clarity. Better, faster decision making means greater confidence – greater confidence spreads through your organisation and inspires everyone to perform better.

10. Getting answers to questions that you don’t even know you have

For me, the ultimate reason for being a member of a mastermind is because I got answers to questions I didn’t even know I had. No matter what we’ve achieved in business or life we ‘don’t know what we don’t know’. We all have blind spots that keep us stuck. When you immerse yourself in this experience you are going to start to see possibilities that you didn’t even know existed before now.

This opportunity isn’t open to everyone and there
are criteria that ALL members must meet

  • You must be willing and able to ADD VALUE to the group, to share and contribute during meetings and be willing to share your successes, victories, failures,frustrations, problems.
  • You must be willing to share numbers and be totally transparent about your results
  • You must commit to attending at least 3 of the 4 meetings over the next 12 months
  • You must be willing to lead a masterclass on your unique area of expertise between meetings (if it’s chosen as a ‘hot topic’ that members want to learn about) and you must be willing to connect the group with members of YOUR network who have unique expertise
  • You must maintain confidentiality of all sensitive information discussed at the Mastermind meetings

‘It all comes down to this...’

  • Do you believe that there are opportunities inside of your current business that you can't see yet?

  • Do you believe that as a member of this group you will have your eyes opened to these opportunities and be able to see things you can’t see from the ‘struggle’?

  • Do you believe that with the support and encouragement of the group you will take action and follow through on those opportunities?

If you said yes to all 3 questions, then your next step is very simple…

So what’s the next step?

Now it all comes down to one simple question ‘Are you in?

If you're excited about being the next success story in our group - then fill out the application, we'll setup a time to talk so you can ask any questions you have about the group and determine if this is a good fit for you.

Your speedy response matters because in the event that I have more ‘yes’s’ than I have available spots, they will be allocated on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.

It all comes down to this. Do you believe that by putting yourself in a room with me and the other amazing business owners 4 times a year you will get MULTIPLE returns on your investment of time and money? Can you see the growth that is possible for you, not just in business, but personally too? If the answer is YES, then there’s only one thing to do, fill out the application right now.

With love and appreciation,