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  • LifeTime Access To the entire University (Value $10,000) Complete collection of MULTIPLE courses designed to give you EVERYTHING you need to grow a profitable online business

  • Online questionnaire to clarify YOUR stage of business and establish the priorities for you (Value $1,000)
    This unique and extremely valuable tool will reveal what you already have in place, and where the ‘missing pieces’ in your online business are

  • Online Business CUSTOM Roadmap (Value $2,000) 
    Training plan tailored to YOU and the business you desire. The plan is based on Bernadette’s proven "milestone method" where you will be guided through the material at your own pace, focusing on one milestone at a time – at the RIGHT time

  • Monthly Live Q&A calls (Value $ 388)
    As you work through each milestone, you may want some extra help or feedback. Send in your questions to our monthly Q&A call where I’ll walk you through any problems you’re having and you’ll see yourself come unstuck fast!

  • Every Template, Script & Checklist You’ll Ever Need (Value $5,000)
    No need to reinvent the wheel. I’ve been selling online for over a decade and I’m giving you access to my EXTENSIVE collection of scripts, templates, checklists and shortcuts. You’ll also get access to my email sequences and complete copies of tested marketing campaigns.

  • Private Online Community Exclusively for Online Profits University Members (Value PRICELESS!)
    Here you can connect with other members of the Online Profits community – this is where you receive support, valuable feedback and encouragement to keep going. Some of our members say that this community alone is worth the entire membership fee.

  • Special QUICK ACTION WEBINAR Only Accelerator BONUS (Value $1000)
    Join within 15 minutes after the webinar ends and I’ll also give you my Accelerator Bonus. You’ll get to join me for a special virtual hot-seat call where you’ll get specific, tailored advice from me to help you get started with YOUR online business. Basically this is going to accelerate your progress inside the university as I’m going to be able to give you additional, personalised shortcuts.

Total Value $ 19,388

Normal Price $5,000

Webinar Special Offer Price $1,997


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“I am sooo enjoying building my biz one step at a time.

 Believe me, I tried it before - without this level of support and it made my head spin - I kept asking people - people selling information - where should I start?

 What is the next step for ME.... but they couldn't answer because they hadn't thought it through. You just had to buy the whole darn course or attend the meetings and hope the bit you lit upon that week was the right bit... nightmare!

I love working in the University's common sense 'step by step' way. I also recognise that I would have done all the things I LIKE doing first and not in the order Bernadette teaches, so I am very, very glad I am following her methods and not my own!! The value of this University cannot be overestimated when you consider the flood of information that's 'out there' all telling you to do this thing or that thing. I have filtered it all out for now and am focussed on my 2 hours biz build per day. ~ Debs de Vries, Menopause Mentoring

In the first three months of this year, I made as much as I did in the whole of last year. I've reduced my working hours from 10 hours a day to 5 hours a day so I get more time with my little ones ~ Nicola Bird

The Online Profits University has accelerated things for me ... [a] I can see the greater value of the OPU even at this early stage and [b] that motivates me to put the effort in, even though I currently work a 12 hour day leading a global sales training team for a multi-national multi $Billion semiconductor company. Oh and [c] It's dialing up my clarity & focus, which I think will help me get to my destination more quickly ... ~ Martin Schmalenbach

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