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The Sales Breakthrough

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What is


The Sales Breakthrough is an online program and live event with the sole goal of landing paying clients in as short a time as possible with step by step proven methods taught by Bernadette Doyle who has personally generated over $8,000,000 in sales for using these same methods.

Upon purchase you will get immediate access to the online program which begins by showing you a step by step format to get sales conversations with qualified leads".

The program will then focus on how to have those sales conversations to get paying clients including making offers that are easy for clients to say YES to, including joining Bernadette at a live event for only 15 people where she will personally help you close more sales.

This is 100% beginner friendly. This program is designed to work for a total novice without any prior experience. It will help you get more paying clients following a winning strategy.

Through the online training and live event you will get everything you need to get paying clients now and create a system that continues to bring you paying clients month after month.

Recognised as a leading online Marketing & Sales Expert, to date Bernadette has personally generated a staggering $8,000,000 plus in revenue using the methods taught in the sales breakthrough.

Bernadette has helped clients get more leads and make more sales by focusing on the place where money changes hands. 


Get Paying Clients Now

Exactly what to focus on to get paying clients and money in the bank

  • Get focused on the simple, critical actions that put money in the bank right away (Not weeks or months but right now)
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    Design a marketing system so you can generate highly-qualified leads so you spend your precious sales time with people who are motivated and ready to buy now
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    Eliminate distracting, bright, shiny objects that are slowing you down and getting in the way of you making real money now

Your Lead Generation System

How to create an endless flow of qualified leads

  • Get clear on who your ideal client is and discover where they're hanging out
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    How to quickly create lead magnets that attract your ideal clients like bees to honey
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    How to ‘pre-sell’ your prospects so they come to your sales conversations ready to buy
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    How to automatically qualify leads so you weed out the people who aren’t serious or can’t afford what you offer
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    The exact steps you need to take to make sure you show up to the live event with at least a dozen solid leads

Craft Irresistible Offers

Make sure you’re selling something that people want to buy

  • Discover their innermost fears and desires so you can craft compelling and irresistible offers that have them drooling for what you have to offer.
  • Discover that when you match up what you have to offer with the people that really need it, there isn’t much selling or convincing to be done
  • How to set the perfect price for your offerings so you can eliminate ‘I can’t afford it’
  • The biggest mistake that is costing you sales, and how to avoid it

Close the Sale

How to have sales conversations that create paying clients

  • Get world class sales training that will help you create rapport, really understand what your clients want and make powerful irresistible offers
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    What to do on sales calls to make it easy for people to say ‘yes’
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    Create a natural, authentic sales conversation that matches your personal style so you have more clients saying yes more often and more easily.
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    Magic Selling Questions: the questions that will reveal your clients real desires and fears so you can match your offer to their specific needs
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    How to handle objections like ‘I can’t afford it’ or ‘I want to think about it’
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    How to close the sale without feeling pushy

Live event October 8-10, Belfast

The only sales event in the world where you leave with paying clients

  • Make your sales calls at the live event to get real time coaching from Bernadette
  • Live event runs from 5pm on Monday 8 October to 4pm on Wednesday 10 October.
  • Experience transformational processes that will eliminate any ‘inner game’ issues that are preventing you from making sales
  • Learn from other group members as they have sales conversations and handle objections.
  • Lunch and refreshments during the day are included (dinner and accommodation is not)
  • Full accommodation options to suit a range of budgets will be provided to you on booking
  • Fly into Belfast City or Belfast International airport
  • Leave with paying clients and money in the bank!

The Sales Breakthrough FB Group

The #1 way to grow as an entrepreneur is to interact with like minded successful entrepreneurs. When you join Sales Breakthrough you are going to get access to our exclusive Facebook group where you can access our coaches at any time and get super fast help on any issue that is blocking your success.

Even better you will be linked up with other Sales Breakthrough student and see what’s working, what they are doing differently and take your skills to another level.

Surround yourself with like minded people.

100% Money Back Guarantee

We are making a bold statement and taking massive action towards guaranteeing your success.

Do this program, take the action and come to the live event and if at the end of the live event you haven’t made back at least the cost of the event ticket plus the expenses to attend, then you will get ongoing support and coaching until you do.  We stand behind this program 110% and the results back this up. This is why we can make this bold guarantee.



The next time we make this invitation the price WILL BE $2997 so if you delay this decision you will miss out on the $1000 saving.

JOIN BEFORE THE DEADLINE to get access to everything for $1997.   YOU must HURRY to secure your seat.  Only 15 spots are available and this is the lowest price you will see this for.



Got Questions...

Are food and accommodations included?

What are the meeting times so I can plan my travel?

How do I make the calls?

What do I need to bring?

What airport do I need to fly into?

Where is it being held?

Won’t it be impossible to make calls with everyone in the same room?

What should I wear?

Here is what previous attendees had to say about the Sales Break Through Event...

When I participated in the Sales Breakthrough in Belfast in June, my intention was to make enough sales so I can quit my job by the end of July, then I said that I wanted to believe in miracles and wanted to generate enough money to be able to quit my day job by 30 June ...miracles happened, my last working day was on 30 June! Today I am celebrating a 6 month anniversary of running my business on a full-time basis!

Inga Deksne

The email blast that I sent to all my subscribers to apply for a phone consultation for a boudoir session. I was shocked at how successful it was that filled way beyond my capability my appointments for the next 2 days.

Argentina Leyva

I am coming with a lead funnel setup, 38 applications for calls, added to by email list by 680, 10 calls booked for the next 2 days.

Martha Fraser

Just off the phone to the client, she wants to invest between 8k and 10k...looking good!

Anne Dargan

I spent $300 on ads and have 35 applications for calls. I booked 19 of them into calls - about 6 a day for 3 days.

Julie Languille

I was soaking group's energy. I felt blessed to be surrounded by so many powerful and beautiful souls. I find sales calls addictive now

Inga Deksne



The next time we make this invitation the price WILL BE $2997 so if you delay this decision you will miss out on the $1000 saving.

JOIN BEFORE THE DEADLINE to get access to everything for $1997.   YOU must HURRY to secure your seat.  Only 15 spots are available and this is the lowest price you will see this for.