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Get Paying Clients Online Within The Next 30 Days, While Building a System You Can Use For Months or Years to Come to Get Clients ‘On Demand’


USUALLY $3,994 BUT FOR TODAY ONLY $1,997 or 4x Monthly Payments Of $597


Introducing ‘Get Clients Online’

Get Clients Online is a proven and tested online implementation program which teaches you exactly how to create an online lead generation system and get your first paying clients within 30 days.

The information is available online in a content portal and provided via videos and PDFs. You can complete the training in your own time from anywhere in the world and even fit it in around a 9-5 job.

This is not your typical "course". This is a proven implementation program where you follow steps to setup your very own wildly profitable online lead generation funnel within 30 days.

It doesn't matter if you don't have any tech skills or digital marketing skills, everything you need to know is provided step-by-step in this training program.

Setting Up Your Lead Generation Machine

  • Full step by step training on how to setup our proven and tested appointment generating machine
  • Templates of all the landing pages so you just upload them with a few clicks!
  • My script and template for the “Lead Magnet” so you just swap out my information for your niche information (Model me…)
  • 14 day free trial to all the software required to set this up so that it works just like mine (I’ll even put a copy of one of my top performing campaigns right into your account)
  • To build this yourself would take weeks or months of your time and cost you thousands of dollars (not to mention the frustration of trying to figure it out on your own and making every mistake along the way. In this training program I hand you it all on a silver platter and we get you up and running within the first 30 days!

Attract Clients To YOU

No chasing required. I’ll show you how to create the PDFs, checklists and blueprints that your ideal clients REALLY want, and how to create them in HOURS (not weeks or months). Then I’ll show you how to set up simple offers, emails and ads offering free content that has a HIGH perceived value to your ideal clients (templates and examples included). Finally, stand back and watch them sign up for your list in droves.

Invite Them To The Next Step In Your Sales Process

There’s an art to inviting people to the next step so that you're positioned as a ‘welcomed guest’ instead of ‘uninvited pest’. You’ll discover the language and phrases that turn your ideal clients on, as well as the mistakes you might already be making that are costing you opportunities and clients.

‘Cherry Pick’ The Prospects Who Are Ready, Willing And Motivated To Pay For Your Products, Programs And Services

You’ll discover our proven and tested screening and qualifying systems that save you wasting time with prospects who aren’t serious or able to afford what you’re offering, so you can invest your precious sales time with those who are most serious about moving forward. Just this step will save you hours of wasted time (not to mention the frustration you feel after spending time with a prospect only to hear them say ‘I can’t afford that’)

Closing the sale

  • How to conduct the perfect consultation so that you convert your calls at 25% right out of the gates
  • I’ve been selling for over 25 years and have truly MASTERED this and refined it to a methodology and script. You get my actual script and full training on how to do the calls
  • How to accept credit cards online and via the phone (I get you setup with your own merchant)
  • If you mess this part up you will generate sales conversation but get no clients and literally leave tens of thousands of dollars on the table. I train you to be at the top of your game and closing at 25% within 14 days of starting.

Creating Successful Facebook Campaigns

  • Once you’ve got your appointment generating machine live it’s time to start driving some traffic through it and really scaling your consulting business!
  • FULL step by step training on how to setup wildly successful Facebook campaigns that get appointments for $30 and new clients for $120!
  • Proven templates for ads, instructions on how to setup your targeting, pitfalls to watch out for and training on how to manage everything day-to-day
  • I have spent over $150,000 on Facebook ads and have spent over $130,000 learning from the world’s best Facebook marketers and in this module I boil down everything I have learned and hand it to you on a silver platter
  • Most people try FB on their own and spend 6 months and tens of thousands of dollars trying to get it right before giving up with a pile of debt and frustration. We get it dialled in within 5 weeks of working together!

Tweak the numbers

Once your lead generation and conversion system is up and running, that’s when the real magic starts. I’ll show you how to ‘read the numbers’ so you’ll identify and prevent any missed opportunities and maximize the value of every single lead. Don’t underestimate the importance and value of this step. If all you do is increase the value from $10 per lead to $12, then that’s an increase in sales revenue of over 20%. Now just imagine what can happen when you start to compound these improvements. It’s no exaggeration to say that you could double or even triple your revenues, with just this piece of the training alone.

Free traffic & paid traffic

I’ll also then show you how to get traffic to your machine to create an initial burst of clients in the short term… while also setting up a long term Facebook ads campaign that brings clients to you on an ongoing basis. You’ll get my complete paid ads strategy handed to you on a single platter. This is the strategy that delivers upwards of 200 new leads a day to my online business and has cost me over $100,000 in ad spend to perfect.

You Also Get...

  • Access to a private mastermind/community of like-minded people pursuing the same goals and doing this all over the world (lifetime access...)
  • Real life examples of how ALL of this is done so that you can model what is currently working instead of starting from scratch and learning from trial and error

Here's A Summary Of Everything You'll Get:

  • The Get Clients Online Implementation Program ($1,997)
  • Lifetime Access To The Online Profits University ($3,997 Value)
  • That's a total combined value of $5,994
  • Today you can gain instant access for $1,997 or 4x monthly payments of $597.

    Free ticket to the Sales Breakthrough event (value $1997)

    Join me for 3 days at a Sales Breakthrough event, where I will personally coach you as you make sales calls. You’ll massively uplevel your sales skills (some of my top students are closing 50-80% of their sales calls) and will leave this event with paying clients. The next event is in Belfast, Northern Ireland December 2017 (if you can’t attend this date you will have the opportuntity to join other dates/locations during 2018)

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USUALLY $3,994 BUT FOR TODAY ONLY $1,997 or 4x Monthly Payments Of $597

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