Success Stories

Test Launch Success! Avril sells 62 courses, fills event and gets 5 bookings for her retreat!

I did a small test launch of a product using some of the help and learning I have had via the Online Profits University.

I sent it out to a very small list I have been growing, selling it for £19 and offering a FREE one-day event on the topic, I intend to upsell a retreat to at the event.

I have sold 62 courses, and My FREE event is now full, and I have 5 bookings for my Retreat in France, and I haven’t even run the free event yet!!!!

Avril Gill

Sold my first online e-course EVER!

I just wanted to share something truly awesome! I just sold my first ecourse ever! Someone bought a course I created at the weekend called From Hard Work to Smart Work! I am stunned!

…it’s amazing to see how the system can flow without me being there!

Love this <3

Marina Pearson-Summers

OPU Structure has really helped me …

Have just completed the get inspired section of the OPU!!
Structure has really helped me re-think; given me moments where I’ve realised I’m doing OK and actually have quite a few pieces of the puzzle quite well in place – (pat on back allowed here!) – as well as moments when I realise I’ve known something – but not necessarily been applying it!

Shona Garner


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OPU has helped me reframe my mindset

Before I joined OPU, my biggest concern was understanding what infrastructure and process was needed to sell online courses. I was overwhelmed. I have benefited from OPU’s systematic approach to the course – created around my priorities. My mindset is also being changed by understanding the process. Being a former microchip designer I overcomplicate things and OPU helps break down some of those barriers and pushes me through my old mindset. OPU has helped me reframe my mindset practically not just analytically. I have found trying to do this alone delay’s your dream. My advice to others: Take advantage of an accomplished entrepreneur system that walks you through the process step by step. The right mentor sharing their knowledge means you do not have to go through the same mistakes or hardships. Sign up

Graham LS Connolly

OPU is what I’ve been waiting for … keeps you focused on what you need to do next

OPU is what I’ve been waiting for because it acknowledges where you are, and then, instead of overwhelming you with information, keeps you focused on what you need, next. It’s all beautifully presented in easy-to-digest chunks and it feels as though my personal needs are being addressed. I once asked an online ‘superstar’ if I could buy his 12-step package in chunks and was told that, no, I could not! I. Bernadette has recognised that structure is vital, and building one depends on staying clear about what must be done and what a distraction is. Bernadette deserves medal for rolling up her sleeves and applying first class training principles to her knowledge. I look forward to each lesson.

Deb de Vries

OPU re-ignited my business passion … I no longer feel overwhelmed

Since joining OPU I no longer feel overwhelmed with where to start and what to do. I have become far more focused, committing to working through each element and using it to take my business forward. The milestone method has led to my creating a great lead magnet – I had created them in the past however this one far outweighs all of them. The Online Profits University has re-ignited my business passion once again, for which I am so grateful I feel like crying. Bernadette is the most giving person I have come across, her content is so impactful yet simplified to make it accessible. You have to commit to the work but you have a brilliant guardian angel looking out for you.

Yvonne Tomlin Miller


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$6000 in 6 weeks
Dr Randy Peck
Not Just ‘Fluff’ … I Can Implement Right Away
Lisa Rose


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“The critical skill for breaking through the million dollar mark”

As a million dollar income acceleration coach, I’ve helped many business owners break through the million dollar mark and beyond. During that time I’ve noticed that the critical difference between those who soar and those who struggle is the ability to bring on new clients. There is no doubt in my mind that this is one of the most important areas to master if you really want to thrive. And if you are serious about mastering this area, then you should look no further than Bernadette Doyle’

David Neagle

£30,000 in just 8 days…

Thank you so much Bernadette!!!! After applying your strategy for my continuity program for this year, I am amazed.

My target was £17,000 and the result so far is £30,000. It only took two pitches to fill the program. If this is only one of many income streams that you have in mind for me WHAT A YEAR THIS IS GOING TO BE!!!! Thank you so much again.

Moira Geary

I tripled my price and quadrupled the value and got my first VIP client 

I put together a package priced at £15,000, quadrupled the value of the £5000 programme, and sent out invitations to a strategy session to just a few of my favourite clients. And on the fourth one- the client said yes!!! I can’t even begin to tell you how great it feels to be able to start working in a really intensive way with a client I know I can do my absolute best with – knowing she’s going to get multiples in return on her investment. Can’t wait for my first session!!!

Nicola Bird


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Quadrupled my business in 5 months
Rebecca Mountain
Constant stream of targeted, ideal prospects
Lisa Turner
Doubled The Size of My Business – Working Less – More Time With Family
Nicky Coffin


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“£10,000 in 48 hours “

Thanks Bernadette! I listened to the call on Friday morning, hopped in my car Friday afternoon for a weekend in London and – seriously effortlessly – had the £10,000 I asked for by Sunday morning!

WOW! Loving being a part this group. Thanks again so much for your work.

Katharine Dever

Purpose, passion and profits! 

The best thing is my feeling of happiness, contentment and the feeling that – at last – I am doing what I should be doing, what I really feel passionate about. I always knew I was best being my own boss and doing what I want to do. Now I’m doing it. My whole general feeling of satisfaction and well-being is immense.

Catriona Brand

One 30 minute session returns £3,000 

Today Bernadette set me a challenge to ‘sell’ £3,000 by the end of today – and I have! Amazing – I was able to turn a 30 minute session with Bernadette into £3,000 in one day!

Wendy Howard


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I can now share authentically, without feeling “salesy”
Karen Skidmore
I Quadrupled My Business
Argentina Leyva
Zero to over $1m in revenue and spends more time to be with her kids
Nicola Bird


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Just landed a £75,000 contract!! 

‘I’ve just launched a year-long sustainability leadership and development programme for museums professionals, and I’ll be earning £75,000 for the programme!!!’

Rachel Madan

£60.000 within a month! 

‘I’ve been thinking, talking and working on launching a continuity program for over a year. It started out as a plan for £47 a month. Then it transitioned into £97 and £147. But I kept feeling I didn’t want to bother with the administrative nightmare of a continuity program, so I made it into a yearlong program for £1,500… and still felt extremely nervous about launching it, and reluctant because I wasn’t sure I would be able to be of real value with this program. After a conversation with Bernadette, I decided to add value, increase my price, and work with fewer clients. I started the program with 20 people today. $60.000 of revenue, all from one tele-seminar and a bunch of emails. I’m so excited! Just wanted to let you know what’s possible ;-).’

Linda Spaanbroek

Turned my business around from £20k a year to over £100,000 

No longer an arduous task of chasing customers, it became an automated system that got me clients with no effort at all. The changes I implemented turned my business around from £20k a year to over £100k and also enabled me to sell that business last year (for a nice sum I can’t disclose! lol) to spend more time at home working ever more effortlessly!’

Claire Dobinson


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Opt in status increased by 30% first try

When I first joined, I listened to the material. It was when I started applying it that I experienced huge results. I can’t say it’s any one thing in particular but a combination of putting all the strategies together.

After taking the leap and creating a squeeze page just as Bernadette laid out, my client opt in status increased by 30% first try.  Then I turned my opt ins into paying clients. This all happened in just one attempt. Membership truly has it’s advantages. In deep gratitude…’

Cheryl Roose

An £18,000 Pay Day! 

I had my first ever big payday! I generated £18,000 from a small workshop that was marketed to a select few clients, and everyone signed up for my 12 month VIP programme- 100% conversion rate!

I must say a huge thank you for getting me off to a flying start

You have generously shared so much information which has made a huge difference to my business success.

Allison Marlowe

Increased My Income By 40% 

I’ve been busy implementing the strategies Bernadette teaches and I’m seeing RESULTS! I have put my prices up and have never been busier.   I am promoting my public speaking audio more consistently and getting sales every month. Bottom line is that so far, I have increased income by 40%.

Tracy Mason


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I Won £40,000 Worth of Business Via My Website Alone! 

‘I went through my own recession a year or two before the UK got theirs… a colleague recommend I check out Bernadette’s strategies. Wow! What an inspiration – Bernadette really lifted me out of the fug I was in and helped me to see I needed to update my communication business to make it suit the new 21st Century way of doing things. I need to build my profile online and get slicker at marketing. I updated my website and database and began marketing online in earnest. I took on a personal coach, and business has been steady–even booming at times– ever since. I even won £40,000 worth of business via my website alone without meeting the client face to face! Without Bernadette’s motivation none of this would have happened. Thank you so much.’

Karen Kimberley

I’ve got a better ROI with Bernadette than ANY other business mentor

Bernadette gave me confidence to get on a plane to the USA and sell my Traffic Magnets Programme from the stage, having never personally sold anything before – never mind from the stage! I then repeated the process in the UK, Germany and the Netherlands. Sales stand at nearly $75k.

I already have a waiting list of students for next year and have been invited to speak at another ‘big names’ workshop. I’ve got a better ROI with Bernadette than ANY other business mentor. Any money which I have spent has been recouped many, many times already and this is just the start.

Peter Bennett

5-figure single contract, £8K to be precise

Whoa I am over the moon literally! It’s been signed off today! My first ever 5-figure single contract, £8K to be precise. I am so over excited.

Jennifer Baker


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£25k worth of business whilst travelling for 3 months in Australia

One of our key priorities is being able to travel while we work. This winter we have delivered £25k worth of business whilst travelling for 3 months in Australia, and in the summer of last year we were able to design and launch a new product whilst enjoying Canada for a month. Travelling and working is more achievable than many people who run their own businesses might think, and we have started to share our tips and experiences of the laptop lifestyle.

Chris & Hannah

Zero to a £100k within 12 months

Before using Bernadette’s strategies, I was struggling to get new clients, converting them and was not making much money at all.  I introduced a sign up procedure and was able to start converting people to paying clients. My subscribers went from about 12 to over 500 within a few months and from those I was converting about one every 10 days into a client, with an average spend of about £2500!

My new business, Bombshell Academy only started in January and I help Wedding Suppliers with their marketing. Up until then I was a Wedding Planner and I used Bernadette’s tools and inspiration to grow that business from virtually nothing to a £100k within about 12 months.   I sold my Wedding planning business and I’ve been helping other Wedding people do the same.

Claire Dobinson

WooHoo! >From 0 to 300+ on my list!!!

Before meeting Bernadette, I did not even know what a list was!

Today, after having started promoting my first teleseminar series “Mountain Moving Mindset”, 7 days ago, I already have 300+ people on my list.

I cannot wait to share my own strategies, tips and techniques to my subscribers and this would not have been possible without Bernadette’s insight and strategies.

I’m so excited – thanks Bernadette!

Frederique Murphy


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From £9000 to £35,000

Since working with Bernadette, I have been steadily implementing all the changes to my business and one of those was to launch my Spiritual Master Practitioner Programme. I received 5 applicants investing in the programme at £7000 each, and I’ve not finished promoting yet. My last master’s programme only grossed £9000 total, which barely broke even. But it’s not about the money –it’s about the joy of seeing these wonderful people transform, evolve and step into their purpose and joy. In short to help THEM create their big pay days, whether the payment is money, love, or joy.

Thanks Bernadette for helping me to spread the joy around including to myself!

Lisa Turner

Launched and sold a £10,000 programme

In the past 12 months my turnover has quadrupled.  I now have several people on this programme and have just launched and sold a £10,000 programme – which I am really excited about. I am a different person to who I was 12 months ago – I am confident, excited, loving my business and enjoying life.

Thank you Bernadette for believing in me and seeing what I was able to offer that I couldn’t see myself.

Melina Abbott

My List Doubled From One Tip

Had a strategy session with Bernadette. One bit of advice that I got was to enhance my sign-up box.

Just checked list numbers and see that my list has doubled from implementing that one tip.

Duncan Brodie


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Feel Like a New Life Has Just Begun – PRICELESS!

Following Bernadette’s enthusiasm, brilliant strategies, ideas and principles, I have been able to focus on my business and not just in it on a day to day business. Bernadette is an inspiration!  You are continuously learning, growing, developing and adapting. You are continuously pushed to the edge of your comfort zone using Bernadette’s strategies.

Since applying Bernadette’s strategies I’ve increased my treatment prices by 20% and ever since that has been a nice increase in my bank balance. The biggest breakthrough came in June of this year when I quit my day job.. Yes!!!!!!!! I am now working full time with my clients.  The freedom and value of this I cannot put into words. I can only say I feel like a new life has just begun and that’s PRICELESS.  I can honestly say my business would not be at the level it is today without the challenges Bernadette set for me through her successful and proven tips, techniques and strategies.

Gertrude Lawler

Productivity, has grown by about 400%

My increase in productivity, has grown by about 400% (or trebled / quadrupled) in the last six months or so, with levels continually rising. In the last week alone, I’ve been approached by four different people wanting to do joint training ventures with me; I have press articles going in the local press with the potential promise of an ongoing series.  Bernadette continuously gives encouragement and support, her approach is definitely teaching me mastery in the art of leadership and communication. With Bernadette, I feel I am on my way to success and have so much to share with so many. More importantly, with Bernadette’s help, I know my thinking and my approach is 100% there!

Gill Davis

“Added 1000 to my list in 7 days”

My business has transformed! Although I knew what I wanted to do I wasn’t sure how best to put it into action. With the crystal clear step-by-step approach I now have all the components of my business mapped out, so that they integrate, and my prospects can follow a logical progression from becoming a prospect, to a paying client, at whatever level of investment suits them! I’ve added nearly 1000 to my list in 7 days, and am now preparing my upcoming Fixed Term Continuity program to launch to my own crowd, as well as with my collaborative JV partners! Being in the program has shown me that I can think bigger, and then given me the strategies to actually get out there and DO it!

Tanya Smith


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£4000.00 in just 8 hours!  – this is the only program that delivers

My stats show that our weekly traffic has more than doubled. Best of all, this month I marketed one of our products for purchase and got over £4000.00 in orders for this targeted product in just 8 hours!

Thanks, Bernadette. I’ve purchased several programs that promised to make me money in the past, but yours is the only one that’s actually delivered. Your techniques are simple, sensible, and easy to implement. You’ve truly changed my thinking and the way I do business.

Julie Ann Jones

Generated £4444 extra income within 8 weeks

We’ve turned a “cold possible suspect list of 624” into “warm qualified interested prospects of 118 ” Doing this has generated £4444 + VAT extra income within 8 weeks

We now focus on long term relationship building by offering a FREE guide 3 ½ simple steps to handling difficult conversations This builds our qualified prospects by 42% each quarter and opened doors to 35 new corporate clients at our first event!

Thanks Bernadette for your sounds advice and focus.

Jeanette Marshall


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My Life has Transformed
Gavin Preston
Inspired, Motivated & Taking My Business To The Next Level
Duncan Brodie
I Got Complete Clarity
Catriona Welsby


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I Am Amazed By Bernadette
Kevin Nations
Unbelievable Three Days
Geoff Laughton
Highly Impressed With The Value 
Cheri Sigmon


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